About me

My name is Marcin, but I’m known in Internet as Prankster.

I’m thirty years old and for most of my life I’ve been interested in collecting. I even had collectible shop. Since few years I’m member of Sieradzki Klub Kolekcjonera i Hobbysty (Collector and Hobbyist Club in Sieradz).

I collect, or rather gather, all sort of items.

My main collection is circulation and commemorative coin from Europe since 1945. I have in collection few thousands coins, each different of course. I collect all types of circulation and commemorative coins, also all years, mints and common variations. Most complete is my collection of Polish coins (actually People Republic of Poland). I’m missing only two (most expensive) coins.

My second collection are mint stamps from Poland since 1950. Unfortunately I have more items missing than in my coin collection. I had more stamps, but I decided to collect only mint stamps. Lately I’ve decided to collect also used stamps from European newest countries such as: Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo.

I have also a lot of different items that I will gladly get rid off. I will be publishing photos of items for swap/sale on site.

And now some info about site.

I bought domain umb.pl cheaply on Allegro. I didn’t had any idea of what I want to do with it, but some day i figured out that it fits as shortcut for Uwielbiam Monety i Banknoty (I adore coin and banknotes).

I created small portal about numismatics. Unfortunately, I didn’t had enough time to update news and I abandoned it.

For few months that domain was for testing different scripts.

First of all I’ve tested here SMF forum script, that was used as new forum for TPZN and works now as forum.TPZN.pl.

Later I’ve made simple site for swap purposes with members of Collections.pl where I put lists of my wishes and swap items.

This blog is expanded version of that site. I want to put here informations on items in my collections, most important items that I’m looking for, some major events from my private life. Also I’m planning to post informations about new world collectible emissions, interesting websites, trade fairs and exhibitions.

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