Poland: Polish cities 1990

Banknotes from emission on 1 march 1990 were prepared for use after redenomination of zloty. Government was waiting with issuing them for lower inflation, before it happened it turned out that security features wasn’t good enough. Also there was no country name on banknotes and coat of arms was not correct with picture established in Constitution.

Part of banknotes was overprinted with NIEOBIEGOWY (non-circulation) on obverse and revers. They were sold in sets to collectors.

Common features of banknotes:

  • Issue date: 1 march 1990
  • Size: 130 x 56 – 138 x 63 mm
  • Number: Red – seven digit, twice on obverse
  • Watermark: Placed in not printed area – picture of Piast eagle
  • Signatures: President of NBP – Władysław Baka; Chief treasurer NBP – Jerzy Lasocki
  • Author: Waldemar Andrzejewski (1934 – 1993)
  • Printer: Giesecke & Devrient GmbH, Munich
  • Paper: White, thin with fibers glowing in ultraviolet on blue and aquamarine, with metallic thread. Numerators with different sizes – right top 2,63 mm (7 pkt) and bottom left – 3 mm (8 pkt).
  • Legal clause: „Banknoty emitowane przez Narodowy Bank Polski są prawnym środkiem płatniczym w Polsce” (Baknotes issued by National Bank of Poland are legal tender in Poland).

1 zloty – Gdynia

2 zloty – Katowice

5 zloty – Zamość

10 zloty – Warszawa

20 zloty – Gdańsk

50 zloty – Wrocław

100 zloty – Poznań

200 zloty – Kraków

500 zloty – Gniezno

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